Industrial Espionage/Counter Surveillance

One of the most common methods of Industrial Espionage is the use of listening devices. Many of these devices are small, unobtrusive and inexpensive.

If you think you may have been bugged, Cressey and Sons can help you to detect illicit devices to counter Industrial Espionage and if necessary identity who may be monitoring or following you.

Employee Absenteeism

Absenteeism is an employee’s intentional or habitual absence from work. Excessive absences can equate to decreased productivity and can have a major effect on company finances and staff morale.

Depending on your source of information, (we have used the UK Office of National Statistics) employee absence due to sickness has been consistently dropping over the last 25 years except for the last 3 or so years.

Public sector workers have higher sickness absence rates than the private sector, but the gap between these sectors has narrowed. It has also been estimated that over 10% of absence is false.

This means that around 20 million sick days are falsely being declared annually.

Cressey and Sons can help you to discreetly monitor employees who are suspected of abusing your sick absence policies.

Employee Misconduct

Case law defines misconduct as a substantial or intentional disregard of the employer’s interests. The deliberate nature of the act is a crucial component of the definition. For example, misconduct could cover personal work on company time, theft, falsifying records, etc. Cressey and Sons can help you to discreetly monitor and investigate employees who are suspected of misconduct.

Recovery of Lost or Stolen Property

The unresolved theft of company assets can have an adverse impact on staff morale as many employees might feel as if they are still under suspicion.

Whether it be cash, stock, vehicles or equipment, Cressey and Sons can assist in establishing the facts and recovery of lost or stolen property.

Asset Tracking

Valuable corporate assets can be tracked using GPS technology in real-time and recorded for later review showing days and times, routes and stops.

Asset tracking can be used to track containers, high-value goods, identify misuse of assets, deviations from planned routes, usage during planned idle time, etc.

This method of tracking is cost effective as it generally monitored remotely. Cressey and Sons can help you to monitor and track your assets.

Computer Monitoring

At Cressey and Sons, we can provide software tools that either you or we can install to allow the monitoring of email accounts, social media, internet usage as well as keyboard activity.