Private Investigations

It is quite likely that as a private client you will be in emotional turmoil. You can be sure that you will be treated with understanding and discretion.

The Cressey and Sons team has a wealth of experience in the collection of proof, tracing and monitoring.

It is in your interest and ours that we work within the law so as to ensure that we can achieve the best possible results for you.

Various technologies are routinely employed in the process.

The evidence is always gathered in a format acceptable for presentation to the courts. 

Private Investigation Services Include:

  • Proving infidelity

  • Proving co-habitation of an alienated spouse

  • Tracing the owner of an asset/property/product/service

  • Tracing a beneficiary

  • Tracing a missing person

  • Tracing a debtor

  • Fraud Investigation

  • The full disclosure of assets

  • Nanny/Employee monitoring

  • Exposing the identity of the creator behind an avatar