Background Checks

There is an ever-increasing need to conduct detailed background checks on individuals, whether it be to understand and validate:

  • their bona fides
  • their integrity
  • their ability to pay
  • their assets

There is no doubt that gut instinct is a valid method of assessment in certain circumstances, but in others, validated facts can provide the necessary peace of mind.

Identity theft and false claims are on the increase and there is an onus on you to know who and what it is you are dealing with:

  • You may have a “Buy to Let” property and need to validate a prospective tenant
  • You may have concerns regarding your child’s nursery or an elderly relative’s care home
  • There may be a new person that is interacting with the family and is causing you some anxiety
  • You may have already or be considering hiring a nanny or housekeeper

Disclosure of assets is generally undertaken in order to validate the net worth of an individual. The underlying reason is often to ensure fair treatment of both parties in divorce proceedings, but could also be used as leverage in other negotiations. It sometimes happens during an in-depth investigation into an individual’s wealth that fraudulent transactions are uncovered.

Cressey and Sons can gather information to form a clearer picture. Eliminating false rumours and provide facts about background and status in order for you to make an informed decision.