Matrimonial – Cheating Spouse/partner


If you have concerns about your spouse or partner, Cressey and Sons can help you to confirm your suspicions or help you achieve peace of mind. Rest assured knowing that we completely understand how personalised and sensitive these issues become.

Notwithstanding the emotional circumstances surrounding this type of investigation, Cressey and Sons work sensitively with you to discreetly obtain relevant information to assist you in making an informed decision.

Today it is easier than ever for spouses and partners to inadvertently damage their treasured relationship through the inappropriate use of the digital communication channels available to us.

Have things changed in your relationship? For example, is your partner or spouse spending more time away from home, are they working later than normal, are they more protective of their laptop and mobile than usual, are they harder to get hold of, do they seem distant.

These changes tend to be potential indicators of a partner being unfaithful. If your partner is being unfaithful then you have the right to know the truth. Cressey and Sons can help you get to the truth and provide you with the evidence.


If your ex-partner is now living with someone else and you are paying maintenance for your children, it is possible that the living arrangements of your ex-partner may affect the amount of maintenance that you need to pay.

Cressey and Sons can help you to establish whether your ex-partner is co-habiting as well as provide suitable evidence that can be presented to the court.