Nanny Accreditation

A problem for many parents is who will look after the children whilst at work.

Having a nanny is the common solution, but this is a very big decision because they are being given the responsibility to look after the most important people in your life.

Cressey and Sons can assist you in making this decision by investigating a nanny before hiring as well as monitoring them afterward. Our monitoring service includes both electronic and physical surveillance.


There may be important reasons for you to carry out a prenuptial investigation.

There may be rumours which need to be reviewed, financial dealings and status which need to be validated or questionable lifestyle choices confirmed.

Cressey and Sons can assist you by discreetly and confidentially undertaking a pre-nuptial investigation into your future partner.

Recovery of Lost or Stolen Property

The theft of your assets can be devastating. Whether it be cash, stock, vehicles or equipment Cressey and Sons can assist in establishing the facts and recovering lost or stolen property.

Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention

Your valuable assets can be tracked using GPS technology in real-time and recorded for later review showing days and times, routes and stops. Cressey and Sons can help you to monitor and track your assets.

Computer Monitoring

At Cressey and Sons, we can provide software tools that either you or we can install to allow you to monitor email accounts, social media, internet usage as well as keystroke activity.

Counter Surveillance

If you have suspicions that you may be being bugged or followed, Cressey and Sons can provide help by sweeping your home for bugs and if necessary identity who may be monitoring or following you.