How To Choose The Right Private Investigator To Catch a Cheating Spouse

Get Ideas What To Ask and What To Look Out For

How It Works


We ask potential clients to please bear in mind that depending on the issue, the amount of time and effort we invest in pre-investigation work (i.e. unpaid work) can be considerable.

Please ensure that you have thought through your alternatives and have a budget available for the investigation.


STEP 1: Phone or email us

Depending on the circumstances you may not even want to give us your name! It’s ok, believe it or not, for private clients it’s normal.

You need to check us out and if you’re comfortable with us, then you can give us your details later.

Tell us what you can and feel comfortable with about the issue.

The call might take five minutes or half an hour – it depends on you. We’ll try our very best to help you and give good advice based on what you tell us.

At the end of this conversation, we may never hear from you again.

Otherwise, you may have either given us enough information so we understand the issue or we may recommend a face to face meeting at a place convenient for you in order to get a better understanding of the issue.

It could be a coffee shop, your home, our office. If we meet face to face then this will be part of the free consultation.

STEP 2: We will draw up a Pre-investigation summary

Once we have sufficient information we will draw up a written summary of our understanding of the issue together with a plan, a budget, and a services agreement.  

The summary, budget, and agreement will either be sent or handed to you.

You’ll need to read the summary of the issue so that you know that we have based our plan and budget on the facts.

Generally, our plans are based on completing one task before starting the next and those tasks are undertaken in strict priority order.

This means we minimise the risk of wasting your money or put another way we maximise the probability of providing you with “value for money”.

This method of working is tried and tested – we won’t change it unless you give us a very good reason to! It also means you have “Go/No Go” checkpoints throughout the investigation process.

Please note the plan is not part of the package sent or handed to you.

Up to this stage, there is no obligation for you to buy. You can walk away, no cost, no problem.

STEP 3: Accept the Service Agreement

If you are happy with the budget you’ll be required to sign the service agreement and pay a deposit up front.

Cressey and Sons do not work at risk unless suitable arrangements have been made up-front.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to be safe?

When you communicate with us, there is no unsolicited communication coming back to you. In your message to us let us know when it is safe for us to call or email you.

If you want us to specifically identify ourselves in some way that makes you comfortable that you are indeed talking to us, then let us know.

If you have sent us a message from a “shared” computer, it is probably a good idea to delete the browsing history.

Even if you haven’t sent us a message and you’re worried about someone else finding out, delete the browsing history.

All communication is strictly private and confidential.

Should I feel ashamed coming to you.

Don’t be! …Understand this, life is not fair. When I get down on myself, I recite that to myself … it makes me smile! Many people struggle to trust a partner. 

They know they should, but can’t do it for one reason or another – mostly because deep down there is something that your partner is doing that is causing you concern.

Don’t turn that concern into some shame that you see as a hidden ugliness in you…It just isn’t so.

Is this going to cost me an arm and a leg?

Every case is different. Once we understand the objective of the investigation and the circumstances, we can give you a budget to work with.

The consultation to understand these things is free.

Once you have some clarity on budget and expected results, you decide on whether you want to proceed.

How long will it take to get results?

We have a professional approach to every investigation. We develop a plan of action with your input.

This way we remain focussed on getting the anticipated end results without fuss and as easily and as quickly as possible.

Why should I choose you?

If you are looking for a privacy guaranteed, meticulous and discreet investigator without paying a premium, you are in the right place. If they’re cheating, we’ll find out without raising suspicion.

We realise that having to hire a private investigator and even the prospect of a loved one being unfaithful is heartbreaking.

With that in mind, as a family run business, we understand the value of relationships, you have every assurance that we are committed to using the utmost discretion and your privacy is guaranteed.

To get the answers and proof you need to make an informed decision, get in touch with us today.