Phone/Text Forensics

Just like computers, the information stored on a mobile device is often accessible, even if the owners have attempted to wipe the data to avoid detection.

The forensics data is typically available in 4 categories:

  • SIM card: The SIM card stores a range of useful data that may be recoverable
  • Baseline data: Consists of contact lists, calls made, received and missed, SMS records and contents and applications such as calendars and to do lists
  • Enhanced data: Held in applications resident on the phone, such as emails, documents, spreadsheets, images, video, and audio. It also includes records of Bluetooth and WiFi connections
  • Deleted data: Data may still be intact and retrievable. As with any form of IT forensics service, speed and process are critical. Ensuring the right processes are used to extract, record and log data recovered is critical to protecting the integrity of the evidence

If you have legal access to a mobile device that you suspect has been used to commit fraud against you, then Cressey and Sons can help you.